Welding Helmets and OPTREL

Published: 10th October 2011
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Industrial welding exposes to serious health and safety risks, owing to harmful welding fumes, loud noises, intense heat, glaring light.Protection and awareness, in combination with the right selection of welding helmet goes a long way in ensuring the health and safety of the welders.

When we think of welding helmets, the name Optrel is synonymous with the welding helmets.Optrel is a reputed name in the market ofwelding helmets. We haveOPTRELís wide range of welding helmets to protect welders from the many hazardous welding menaces.

OPTREL is a big name when comes to welding helmets. OPTREL AG, formerly SPERIAN Welding Protection AG, specializes in the design and manufacturing of both active and passive welding helmets. OPTREL has a wide range of welding helmets to suit your needs.

OPTREL AG was founded in 1982, it was established in May 1985 in Wattwil (Switzerland) as licensee of EMT (European Manufacturing Technology) AG. In 1987 OPTREL introduced welding mask under the brand OPTRELSolarmatic (shade level 9 Ė 13).

In 1990, the OPTREL AG was taken over by Andre Eggenschwiler and Christophe Lutz, and in 1999 it was again acquired by French group, Bacou Group. In September 2001, the Bacou Group was merged with Dalloz to became Bacou-Dalloz Group.

In 2007, strategically, the name of the group was changed from Bacou-Dallozto Sperian Protection and the outcome was the change in the trademark from OPTRELģ to Sperian .

After that around late 2008, there came the launch of some famous range from Sperian stable under brand name OPTREL like OPTREL e680, OPTREL e670, OPTREL e650, OPTREL e640, OPTREL e1100 PAPR in Europe, and OS100 US in the Americas.

This was followed by, late 2009 launch of the welding helmets OPTREL p550, OPTREL p530, OPTRELp505 and OPTREL e2100 PAPR (Gas- and particle filtering blower-unit).

Very recently, in mid Ė 2010, the Sperian Welding Protection AG became detached from the parent company Sperian and is again 100% independently owned by swiss brothers Renť and Marco Koch. The company has re-entered under the well known name OPTREL AG.

OPTREL has a wide range of passive and active welding helmets and welding shields. OPTRELís helmets come in three ranges Ė Basic, Expert and Professional. OPTREL expert series comes with the ventilation system incorporated in the helmet.

Lets take a brief look at the basic terminology employed for OPTRELís welding helmets:

OptrelísPassive welding helmets / handshieldscontain permanently coloured glass. Passive helmets are worn on the head and must be lowered before striking the arc and raised when not welding. Shields are hand held and are placed in front of the eyes and face when welding then moved to the side when welding is stopped.

OptrelísActive welding helmets are equipped with an Auto Darkening welding Filter (ADF).

Optrelís Active welding helmets comes with Auto darkening Filter also called the cartridge, consists of a printedcircuit board, electronic components, arc detection sensors, power supply, liquid crystal display LCDís and a UV-&IRfilter. This is the part of the helmet that automatically darkens when a welding arc is struck.

LCD- liquid crystal display enables the user to see through the ADF both before and after the arc is struck. The LCDís used for this purpose are considered shutters. When the shutter is not energised
the user can see through the viewing window. This is generally called the light state which is usually a shade 3 or 4. When the arc is struck the sensors trip an electric output which energizes the LCD whereby causing the shutter to quickly close. This is called the dark state which can be a single shade such as 11 or a variable shade such as 9 through to 13. When the arc is stopped the LCD returns to the light state.

UV-&IR-filter protects the welder from dangerous optical radiation in the UV-&IR-range.

Inside cover lensis used to protect the back of the ADF from dirt and spatter.

Sensorsdetects the welding arc, signals the electronics to darken the LCDs.

Front cover lensis fitted on the front of the welding helmet. The welding lens or ADF is behind the cover lens and protects from impact, smoke and weld spatter.

Optrelís helmets come with Solar cells &batteries topower up the ADF. For all Expert- and Professional range of OPTREL helmets, the power during welding comes from the solar cells, which generate energy out of the welding arc.

Shade levelspecifies how much the cartridge darkens. It is usually given by the DIN (German industrial standard). The welder should be comfortable with the shadethat is selected.

optrel welding helmets and Optrel Satellite

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